Big names using American Suspension Bolt On Kits / Good Reviews

b26-14-trees1Due to my undying passion for Bagger bikes, I’m a member of a number of Bagger communities on Facebook. I was looking to customize my 2015 Glider and was considering on cutting up my brand new Harley Davidson to have the look that I wanted. For some die hard Harley Davidson fan/owners, this was reckless and a waste of a perfectly new bike. So I asked for advice on an option that lets me have the customized front end look that I wanted, but without the cutting and welding part. One name keeps popping up from the bagger communities, the Bolt on Neck kits by American Suspension.

It seems relatively easy to install as well based on the videos I’ve seen…


This product lets you get that customized front end with just bolts and screw drivers. To get a better understanding of the product, I scoured Facebook for reviews.

Art Steele from All Star Baggers wrote

 let go of the past … you don’t have to cut up your brand new harley to have the look you want… the American suspension bolt on neck kit will help you build yourself a show winner.. 26″, 30″, even 32″ with a bolt on neck … we had the first 30″ and 32″ in the world …

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Mark Jewell wrote

I can only give input on the 26″ American Suspension bolt on kit. I’ve had it for over a year and been over 100 mph numerous times. Cruise on interstates around 75 -80 no hands (very solid). American Suspension has been there each and every time I had a stupid question (stupid because I hadn’t ever built a front end before)



Mike Suggitt wrote:

American suspension of course! 30 Weld in slip fit short neck kit.


Now I haven’t actually bought the kit yet, but based on the reviews and sample bikes above, it’s definitely my number one option at this point. Although I really want a customized bike look, I also want to protect my investment. By installing this Bolt on Kit, I don’t need to cut my bike and making a mess of my 20k+ Harley Davidson. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress. This looks like a good do it yourself project for me.

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